Living for the planet

Interactive pods by Jason Bruges Studio for the WWF UK gives visitors a sensory environmental experience, while highlighting the importance of conservation.

Conservation is the overarching theme of an interactive installation space at the entrance of the World Wildlife Fund UK's (WWF) new Living Planet Centre, currently under construction in Woking in the UK and set to open to the public in late-2013.

Jason Bruges Studio is collaborating with the independent organisation to design and build an immersive installation in which visitors will be able to experience different environments.

Fresh water, marine, forest and wildlife are the four themes around which the enclosed installations will be based, with each “pod” designed to reflect a different environmental experience, as well as highlighting the organisation’s work in that particular area.

Inside the pods visitors will be encouraged to interact with the environments through a range of engaging sensory devices that draw on light, sound, ambience and scent to allow the visitor to become completely submerged in this “natural world”.

Issues of climate change will be addresses throughout the installations, while also drawing attention to how we use our natural resources.

Each of the four pods will measure in at around four metres high and four metres wide, and will be constructed using materials like timber, cork and felt, all of which are sustainable and natural.

Jason Bruges Studio will also be designing a “donor recognition” installation in the reception area of the Living Planet Centre where the names of donors to the building will be displayed. A graphic panel display on the lift accessing the piazza outside the building will update passers-by on the organisation’s ongoing campaigns and news.

With this design and installation the WWF-UK building is aiming for a BREEAM “Outstanding” rating - the highest level of sustainable building design and construction.