Liquid is a platform that matches workers with teams according to their competencies

"The old corporate ladder, has turned into a corporate lattice. There is a wish for diverse experiences and flexibility."

Career path

As perceptions of what constitutes "work" change, so too has the way millennials perceive the idea of a job.

Liquid is a platform trying to fill this gap. It matches workers with with projects and teams based on their competences.

According to recent Service Design MA graduate from the Royal College of Art London Kirsty Hodak: "Liquid will change the way people work. It respects people’s values and changes current employment models, by adjusting them to our lifestyle for better work-life-balance."

"People’s lives have become more distributed than ever before, and they expect the same of their work life. The old corporate ladder has turned into a corporate lattice. There is a wish for diverse experiences and flexibility - but companies don’t allow for this, which means that they are having trouble to retain and attract talent."

It allows users to move between companies in a fluid way. It is a disruption to the confines of the corporate ladder which works only in one direction. Liquid allows the user to connect with teams curated for specific long term campaigns regardless of a linear direction. People are matched up according to their competencies and flexibility. Work arrangements are tailored to one’s lifestyle and not the other way around, which has become the ingrained convention for many who resist a new model of work life.

This platform takes into account your values, innate characteristics and time flexibility when selecting potential projects that you would find exciting. Liquid would result in not only a more fulfilled employee but also a more successful end product because of the way it connects complementary team members effectively.

To some young professionals, the question of not knowing what hard work means fails outright if the person who is asking it does not know what working smart means. Thus to challenge any one generation’s notion of hard work is silly. Identifying the challenges faced by one decade’s workforce as opposed to the one that went before is far more useful. 

See the video below for more information on Liquid’s approach to the future of work. To try out the Liquid prototype application, click here.