Lilium Jet: The new wave of air mobility

What if your uber could fly? And we’re not referring to breaking the road speed limit…

German startup, Lilium is rebranding air travel with their all-electric air taxi. This new wave of air mobility will allow passengers a travel distance of up to 300 km with the exception being the price. It is said that one trip will offer Uber-like prices and will be easy to book. 

"We aim to connect city centers across whole regions with affordable and green high-speed transport at a fraction of the cost of traditional ground infrastructure." Daniel Wiegand, co-founder & CEO. 

The Lilium Jet balances high levels of efficiency with a noise footprint that is low enough to allow inner city operations. Currently the company is still collecting funding, with over 240 million dollars received in investments thus far. 

“We are developing a digital ecosystem that will connect customer bookings and operations, ensuring aircraft are kept highly utilized and are deployed to match customer demand. We will integrate operational partners through our digital platform to provide a seamless service,” reads the project description. 

Lilium Jen is set to launch in 2025 and will be fully accessible in a few starting cities. 

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