Light carrier

Nacho Carbonell's Luciferase collection of lights highlight the hybrid possibilities in lighting design.

"The Luciferase" is an example of Nacho Carbonell’s experimental work, and can be seen at Galerie BSL in Paris until 14 May 2011. It represents a collection of lights, reminiscent of a set of living organisms, capable of using colours, textures and demeanour to surprise the viewer.

Luciferase, from the Latin “lux fero” meaning “photon producing enzyme” present in the luminous organs of certain plants and animals, is a light creation with powerful narrative implications. The root of the word is “carrier of light”, which hints at the function of the interestingly designed object.

Challenging the conventions of the boundaries that defines design and contemporary art, functional use and sculpture, restraint and exuberance, beauty and ugliness, violence and gentleness, The Luciferase is an example of hybridisation in product design.

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