Light bulb moment

Energy efficient light bulbs have a bad rap for being ugly and producing terrible light quality, however the Hulger Plumen 002 design busts this stereotype.

Set the mood with Hulger's new Plumen 002 energy-efficient, dimmable light bulb.

Following on from the success of the Plumen 001, an alternative for the 60W incandescent light bulb, Hulger has now designed the Plumen 002, an alternative to the 30W light bulb.

The Plumen 002 is designed to save you energy and money without losing any of the magical light quality that is available through dimming or brightening a light source.

We love the incandescent-style bulbs ­­– the warm and the patterned light they create is beautiful and seductive, making a lovely atmosphere wherever they’re places, says  Nicolas Roope, founder of, creative director and designer at Hulger,

The beautifully sculptural form of the Plumen 002 was developed in collaboration with neon sculptor Tony Greer resulting in an poetic form rather than an uninspired utilitarian one.

Not only is the Plumen 002 design stylish, this compact fluorescent bulb further saves huge amounts of energy; “ the bulb requires less than 25% of the energy used by a traditional 30W light bulb”, adds Roope.

The Plumen 002 was launched as a project on the increasingly popular platform Kickstarter on 9 January and has already doubled its funded target of $20 000, with the fundraising period ending on 9 February 2014.