Knitting pretty

Add a dash of colour and creativity to a lamp post, tree or dustbin near. Yarn Bombing is what it's all about.
Posted 2 Sep 11 By Design Indaba Craft Creative Work / Design News Comments

Yarn Bombing is the hottest (most colourful) new thing to hit cities around the world.

So basically Yarn Bombing is the act of knitting, crocheting or cross stitching something to add a touch of colour and creativity to a public space. Whether it is knitting a “leg warmer” for a tree, or crocheting a seat cover for a bus, it’s all about using your craft to jazz up a public space.

In Cape Town graphic designer Isabeau Joubert has taken to the streets of Sea Point and Woodstock and added her stamp (or stitch) of creativity to the trees. She even knitted leg warmers for a horse sculpture.

The great thing about Yarn Bombing is that you don’t need to be a designer, per se. Just get those knitting needles clicking!