Knitting pattern at Milan2011

Patricia Urquiola’s BiKnit Chair for Moroso highlights the importance of detail while creating a tactile seating experience.

Seen at the Milan Furniture Fair last month, Patricia Urquiola’s BiKnit Chair for Moroso is an indoor chair and chaise lounge with a stocking stitch design, much like one would find in knitting.

The stocking stitch design works to enlarge both the surface and structure of the chair. The knitted pattern exaggerates the weave to create an expanded effect that adds a touch of detail to the overall effect, ultimately creating a chair which is unique and has a strong identity.

The knitted weave becomes the upholstery covering the frame of the BiKnit, making it both decorative and load-bearing. The repeated and intertwined curves also work to create an endless, harmonic whole.

Materials used for the BiKnit also make the chair suitable for outdoor use. The seamless stocking used for the weave has a knitted polypropylene liner filled with fossfill polyethylene down and is covered with an 8-thread Yplast seamless stocking with a polyester core and PVC sheath.