Kettal Mesh by Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola contrasts the texture of expanded metal mesh with the solidity of wood and marble in her latest collection of outdoor furniture for Kettal.

There is very little Patricia Urquiola hasn’t tried her masterful hand at in the field of design. From furniture and interiors to rugs, lights and sanitary ware, she's done it all with her signature modern aesthetic. The renowned Spanish product designer’s latest collection sees her combining industrial and natural materials to create striking outdoor furniture. 

The Kettal Mesh series was designed exclusively for Spanish furniture brand Kettal, who specialises in manufacturing outdoor furniture. The overall design concept is based on contrasts. Urquiola combined industrial and natural materials, hard and soft surfaces as well as transparent and solid volumes to create a range that translates the comfort of living room furniture into an outdoor environment. 

For the sofa she combines contrasting expanded metal mesh with three solid wooden planes to form the base, supporting plush upholstered seat cushions. 

The solid wooden base of the sofa and the voluminous and comfortable upholstery resembles the memory of a comfortable living room translated into an outdoor atmosphere.

The Kettal Mesh collection, which includes the sofa and two coffee tables, is available for purchase online