Kasha: Rwanda’s digital solution to a pervasive problem

Access to information and basic services can help women progress in the developing areas.

Based in Kigali, Rwanda, Kasha is a mobile platform that provides access to products and information on women’s health. Although women hold more political power in Rwanda than any other country, daily life for women in the landlocked East African country is still challenging as poverty and stifling gender roles limit agency. A platform created by entrepreneurs Amanda Arch and Joanna Bichsel hopes to give women some of their power back.


Kash is a mobile platform that sells affordable women’s health products and provides critical health care information. Unlike other platforms, it does not require internet access or a smartphone, making it more accessible to the poor.

“Kasha is built for women first, but everyone is welcome,” wrote the founders. “Our mobile platform was built to be available both online and offline, using either a smartphone or a basic mobile phone, in both urban and rural areas.”

The platform makes payment via mobile phone easy and delivers the products straight to the user’s door. According to the platform’s website, it seeks to address women’s unique needs:

“The Kasha journey began with a belief that empowering women is one of the critical levers to end global poverty,” it reads. “When a women has the ability to take control of her destiny and make informed choices there are positive ripple effects on her family, her community and her country.”