Juno blanket by Mungo Designs

Mungo Design have revived an age-old tradition of giving the gift of warmth.

Mungo Design have brought back the home comforts of an older era with its Juno blankets, which are inspired by coverlets of the 18th and 19th centuries.  

Coverlets were used as the top-most covering on a bed, hence the name, and were a demonstration of both artistry and skill as one row at a time was woven to create intricate, intriguing patterns.

Coverlets were not just for the practical purpose of keeping warm at night; they also signified a woman’s social standing. They were given as wedding gifts for brides to take to their new home as a comforting reminder of the family home they were leaving behind and as tokens to celebrate a birth and other occasions.

Knysna-based Mungo’s Juno blankets are machine woven in South Africa from 100% pure cotton.  They’re also suitable for any size bed as they come in double, queen and king and are available in grey, cobalt, red and French navy.