Interactive osmosis

Arik Levy's "Osmosis" installation uses digitally generated crystals to bring attention to the unpredictability of actions.

Exploring the future of memory in the fast developing digital age calls for radical ideas and innovations. Interaction and analogue between people increase in a digital mode by the day if not minute, moving away from the traditional face-to-face manner.

Arik Levy’s “Osmosis” installation seeks to recall people to a particular place to remember the importance of memory and being connected.

“Osmosis” is an interactive installation that uses human movement to transform the geometry, colour, texture and density of a digitally generated crystal. Being inspired by nature, especially the way in which a balanced environment is created through the flow of particles from one area to another, the installation seeks to reveal the impact human behaviour is having on the planet.

“Osmosis Interactive Area” was first created in 2009 and in 2012 wishes to highlight the consequences of movement through the responses and effects seen in others.

Like a master crystal cutter struggling to anticipate how their expertly-tooled stone will be viewed in random light conditions, so too the result of your actions are unpredictable.

Arik Levy’s “Osmosis Interactive Design” will be on display and awaiting interaction at the Digital Crystal: Memory in the Digital Age exhibition at the Design Museum in London from 5 September 2012 to 13 January 2013.