Iconic identity

Hat-trick is working on the new graphic identity for one of London's most iconic buildings, Centre Point.

London design studio Hat-trick have been working closely with developer Almacantar and architects Rick Mather and Conran and Partners to redevelop the iconic building with the aim to make it the "epicentre" of London.

It is a wonderful building I think, that’s never been fully appreciated. It’s such a lovely graphic expression, in terms of shapes and façade, says Jim Sutherland of Hat-trick. 

The main visual identity is based on Centre Point’s iconic sign, which Sutherland says, "is visible all over London". The typeface is a redrawn cut of Optima, with an inline to reference the lit sign.

As the studio have been working on the project for the past two years, it has given them the opportunity to create a variety of projects adjacent to the grand project. Hat-trick created a coffe-table book with 34 chapters - one for each floor of the building - that has been designed in the shape of the Centre Point building. 

The studio also created a blog for the project comprising of videos, photos, sketches, sounds and stories. The blog allows people from all over the world to keep track of the progress of the new Centre Point building. 

Redevelopment of Centre Point is set to start next year and complete by 2016.

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