Hat-trick on the art of mind tickling

Graphic designers Hat-trick talk about the art of mind-tricking, the tickling of minds and the exercising of minds.

At Design Indaba Conference, London-based graphic designers Gareth Howat and Jim Sutherland, aka Hat-Trick, talk about 19 of their London design studio’s projects that will (hopefully) tickle, amuse, engage, entertain, inform and exercise people’s minds.

If we can enjoy and amuse ourselves and entertain our own minds, when we're doing our own work, hopefully that will come across in the minds  of the people that we're trying to get the message to, says Hat-trick

Project titles such as Rubbish Buildings, Shooting People and Monkey Man hint that they might be onto something.

Creature comforts and illuminated letters are two areas in which Hat-trick have design experience and use everything from DIY spiders to rubbish.