How can we help you feel data?

At Design Indaba 2017 information designer Giorgia Lupi will collaborate with guitarist Kaki King on an unimaginable journey through data and the senses.

Information designer Giorgia Lupi is perhaps best known for Dear Data. The book is an imaginative yearlong correspondence between two designers – Giorgia Lupi, an Italian woman living in New York and Stefanie Posavec, an American woman living in London. Over the course of a year, the two women sent a series of analog interpretations of their everyday behaviour on hand-drawn postcards across the Atlantic. The images include trees whose leaves represent items bought that week, colourful spirals that depict the number of times (and to who) apologies were made, and what it is they most complain about. Their data-driven self-portraits make up a highly personal visual language full or humour and sentiment and the book encapsulates Lupi's unique style: a craft that she refers to as "Data Humanism", where data is represented through the subjective lens of the individual.

In a never-before-seen collaboration, Lupi will team up with Brooklyn-based musician Kaki King. King is a genre-defying percussive guitarist and composer. She is known for her immersive live shows in which she takes her audience on incredible auditory and visual journeys. For her most recent show, “The Neck is a Bridge to the Body”, King created a multimedia music performance where images were projected on to both her guitar and the wall behind her.

Giorgia Lupi and Kaki King will be speaking at Design Indaba Conference 2017. Book now.

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