At home on a Paper Plane

Doshi Levien’s new range of furniture for Moroso, Paper Planes, incorporates Swarovski crystal elements into functional design.

Doshi Levien’s Paper Planes furniture range for Moroso was inspired by the creation of a new fabric design that incorporated Swarovski crystal elements.

Folded graph paper, reminiscent of scientific and mathematical images, was the inspiration for the fabric. This element creates a sharp contrast to the joy and festivities associated with the crystals.

Doshi Levien wanted to integrate the crystals into the design, in an almost invisible way, so that they can reappear when a light shines on them. “In creating this fabric, we found we were working with a visual language that is architectural and spatial, ornate but not ornamental,” the duo explain.

Referring to the name of the range, Doshi Levien approached the design by creating folded shapes and forming darts. The seat has a steel structure with polyurethane foam upholstery.

Paper Planes comes in a standard version and with a modular seating system that can be adjusted to have a higher backrest.

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