A high-tech, microwavable notebook

Rocket Innovations gave the traditional notebook a much needed tech upgrade.

Whether you’re a designer, creative, or layperson, note-taking is the basic and essential step ahead of any project. So it’s by time that this common practice received a tech upgrade. Current solutions include memo apps and notepads loaded onto smartphones or touch screens, but none have been able to replace the sturdy notebook. That is until US-based Rocket Innovations combined the sharing, indexing, and collaboration abilities of cloud services with the comfort of traditional pen and paper.

The Rocketbook Wave is a notebook that provides the freedom of pen and paper while instantly blasting the user’s notes into the cloud using their smartphone. You’ll also never have to replace your Wave book as it’s reusable after popping it in the microwave for a few minutes. Pilot Frixion pens use a special “thermochromic” ink, which becomes clear under heat.

According to the company’s Kickstarter campaign, using Pilot Frixion pens with the Wave notebook, will allow the user to erase their saved notes in a microwave oven, leaving the book blank and ready to be reused.

“Our specially designed thermal logo on the cover tells you when your Rocketbook is done. Simply microwave both sides with a mug of water until the logo turns from blue to white. It will return to blue when cool,” writes Rocket Innovations.

Each page of the Rocketbook Wave comes with a special QR code which tells the Rocketbook app the page number of each scan. “That means no matter how or when you scan your Wave, we can always get your notes in the right order,” says the company.

The mobile app saves the page into a cloud service of your choice using the seven symbols at the bottom of each page. Called the “magic buttons,” the user assigns each save to the destination of their choice, any folder inside Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs, OneNote or to an email address.
“When you mark that icon on your page, the Rocketbook app automatically files your notes in the right place.”

The project launched early in February after reaching its crowdfunding target of $20 000 within two hours of opening the campaign.