Hidden earphones

Nendo's new Otokurage earphones for Elecom is reminiscent of a jellyfish.

Otokurage are playful-looking earphones designed by Japanese studio Nendo for the computer accessories manufacturer Elecom.

In the Japanese language the “oto” of “otokurage” means “sound” while “kurage” refers to “jellyfish”. Jellyfish is perhaps an apt description of the enlarged silicon ear caps that cover the earphones.

It’s the soft feel and almost transparent look of the in-ear headphones that reminds one of the interesting sea creature after which it is named.

All the Otokurage’s components are connected in one piece. Should a user choose a different colour or a different earcap size, the look of the earphones will be altered completely.

The Otokuarge packaging draws on the form on a PET plastic soft drink bottle, as this is said to look like the image of a jellyfish floating in water.