Helmet head

What with carbon-free urban mobility on the rise, it’s a really about time that somebody came up with an airbag system for bicyclists.

As Swedish design company Hövding Sverige Ab have done. Their “Hövding” design is a practical alternative to helmets and fashionistas will love them.

The Hövding is a nylon, hood-shaped airbag that is built into a neck collar which is automatically and instantaneously inflated by a sensor system, should the cyclist crash.

Various washable fabric covers can be fitted over the collar for a range of different looks, giving one lots of options when choosing an outfit for the day. The Hövding has a zip-up collar with an on/off switch. The switch is on when the collar is zipped and buttoned, and off when the collar is open and unbuttoned. The collar also carries a LED battery display meter and a micro USB port for charging the battery while also allowing information to be uploaded after a crash.

Hövding Sverige Ab are said to have spent countless hours researching, documenting and examining bicycling and crash footage, working with hospital and research group to ensure the engineering of the right type of sensor system for Hövding. It was important that the airbag could be triggered appropriately in the event of a crash.

Also take a look at this short film.