Health function

Taking functional jewellery to a whole new level, Jawbone’s UP wristband helps you monitor your health.

Update 7 November 2011: Jawbone's UP wristband, as well as the UP by Jawbone App is now available.

Research shows that lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart disease cause more deaths than communicable diseases. It is also believed that eating healthier, getting more quality sleep and exercising, or moving more, can significantly reduce the risk of such diseases.

Lending a helping hand to achieve these realistic, but often not easily managed goals, mobile product innovators Jawbone have developed the UP wristband.

Functional jewellery at its best, the UP is a system that tracks your movements, sleep patterns and eating habits to try and help you lead a healthier life.

The UP integrates robust computing and sophisticated sensor technology in this wristband. The end-to-end system consists of a wristband that monitors your activity 24/7, a mobile app that analyses the activity and an open platform that motivates you with personal and social recommendations and challenges, tailored to your goals.

Jawbone’s UP will be available later this year.

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