Hats for objects

Tomas Kral's latest series of lamps are inspired by traditional hat-making processes.

Tomas Kral collaborated with traditional hat manufacturer Mühlbauer to develop a series of lampshades that resemble hats for the Vienna Design Week.

“Hats for Objects” takes the image and function of a hat, often seen to be a fashion accessory, and placed in a new context as a functional household object.

Kral focused on the similarities between hats and lampshades, with a keen attention to detail, and added a touch of humour to it. The diffusers and covers for the “Hats for Objects” range all draw on traditional hat-making techniques and process. Some of the objects were combined with ceramics to ensure the rigidity of the lamps.

The “Hats for Objects” collection consists of five table lamps and one bowl.

The Vienna Design Week takes place in the Austrian capital from 30 September to 9 October 2011.


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