Growth spurt at Milan2011

“Cocoon” was the abstract theme of a glass vase installation by Nendo at the Milan Furniture Fair recently.

Japanese design studio Nendo collaborated with Czech glass company Lasvit to created the Growing Vases installation which was seen at the Milan Furniture Fair recently.

Under the art direction of designer Fabio Novembre, Growing Vases worked to showcase the “artistry of the venerable Czech Bohemian glassmaker Lasvit’s glassblowers". With “cocoon” as the theme for the installation, Nendo were tasked to create something that would convey the idealistic appeal of glass as something which is both impractical and incomplete but still manages to be like a breath of fresh air.

Interpreting the brief in a playful way, Nendo wanted to illustrate the breathing ability and the incompleteness of glass. This was achieved by displaying the metal pipes used by glassblowers, still attached to the glass objects that were used to make them.

Turning convention upside down, Nendo made “flowers blooming in vases into vases blooming from flowers to represent the flower bulbs that draw nutrients from plants through photosynthesis and store new life”.