Great crates

It's multi-functional, recycled and a great mate for kids. What more do you need from a storage system?

Crate-Mate is a multi-functional, modular storage system ideal for the ever changing needs of children.

By simply placing a cushion on top, the crate box becomes a very comfortable seat. Or add a small drawer below and you’ve got a place to store clothes, toys or stationery.

By adding long pallet-type tops to the crate boxes it becomes a work or play surface. A long cushion on top of crates placed next to each other makes it a bench with storage space below. It can even be turned into a bed, ideal for a quick snooze or when a friend stays over.

Crate-Mate was one of the finalists in the Western Cape Furniture Initiative’s Shack Chic seating competition which challenged designers to respond to the brief of “Shack Chic” seating which is both comfortable and practical. This design by Jaimie Stone and Taryn Galloway of Integrate Designs was first seen at Design Indaba Expo earlier this year.

The clean, classic design of the Crate-Mate means you’ll be using it for ages while the hard wearing nature of the materials used for this unit really makes it suitable for use in any room of the house. It’s also colour customisable and the cushion can be made in the fabric of your choice.