Graphic patterns

Renée Rossouw’s Pattern Diary designs for Bosa Ceramics play with different patterns, identities and compositions.

From the Series

Cape Town designer Renée Rossouw collaborated with Italian company Bosa Ceramics on a series of ceramic tableware, under the directorship of Jaime Hayón.

Pattern Diary is the result of more than a year’s investigation and exploration of patterns, identity, still lives and compositions in ceramic ware. The various pieces comprising this series are all hand-painted in red-and-blue patterns, with a semi-matte glaze.

The collection can be made to work equally well as a whole, as it could by just selecting a few favourite individual pieces. “The bold graphic patterns create a graphic and visual language that fills the space,” says Rossouw.

See Renée Rossouw on the Emerging Creatives Pavillion at Design Indaba Expo from 25 to 27 February 2011.

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