Glass on show

Nendo will be revealing creations made entirely of glass at the 2013 Milan Furniture Fair.

From the Series

A glass, bottles, shelves and patchwork products... Nendo made it all in glass. 

Nendo is going solo for an exhibition highlighting the Japanese design studio’s intricate and delicate use of glass in the creation of various everyday objects.

Glassworks displays Nendo’s collaboration with Glas Italia, Baccarat, Lasvit, Bisazza and Coca-Cola, and highlights the vast possibilities in design when working with glass as a medium.

“Deep-Sea” is a collection composed of a low table and shelving unit for glass manufacturer Glas Italia. The collection highlights Nendo’s ability to manipulate colour, cut and adhesion in glass to form contemporary household necessities.

“Patchwork-glass” for Lasvit takes inspiration from the Bohemian technique of glass cutting that sees the opening and flattening of glass. Nendo created one large object by taking a variety of objects already decorated with traditional glass patterns, sliced them open and reattached them to create one large decorative creation.

Harcourt ice” for Baccarat draws on the image of melting ice. Nendo’s skilled craftsmanship enabled the smoothing of edges through melting the glass in order to create a soft feel and distinct light refraction of melting ice. The timeless image of hard ice gradually dissolving into free-flowing water captures the image of one moment in time and represents Nendo’s graceful movement between the traditional and the desire for contemporary innovation.

Bottleware” was designed to highlight Coca-Cola’s aim for sustainable design through recycling and reusing. The collection is made from bottles that have deteriorated over the course of extensive recycling and can no longer fulfil their original purpose. Nendo has taken this glass and created bowls and dishes that still reveal the original green tint and air bubbles of the iconic Coca-Cola bottle.

Glassworks is on display at Dilmos gallery during Milan Furniture Fair from 9 to 16 April 2013. 

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