Glass acts

New Italian design company Purho teams up with the ever-fabulous Karim Rashid for a launch collection of contemporary glassware.

From the Series

Italy's association with luxury glass making dates back nearly nine centuries but this year saw the arrival of a new kid on the block, Purho. They asked the inimitable Karim Rashid to design their launch collection De Amore in Vitro

In classic Rashid-style the colours are bold, the shapes sensually organic and the overall character contemporary with a quirky edge. He succeeds in giving the age old hand-crafted tradition a new lease of life with his ultramodern in aesthetic.   

My Techorganic work speaks about the moment in which we live, and speaks about a new movement that will shape humanity that Purho is very much a part of. I appreciate the desire to embrace new design while maintaining the skills of master craftsmen. Through Purho I am happy to bring to life objects that are dynamic, luxurious and inspiring, says Rashid.

From vases, glasses and candleholders to bowls, trays and salt and pepper pots the extensive De Amore in Vitro is a real celebration of the love for glass.  

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