Geometry class

French designer Matali Crasset creates colourful geometric two trays for the Alessi Spring-Summer 2014 collection.

With Territoire, Matali Crasset presents two trays in different sizes and colours. Territoire, the larger tray in the shape of an irregular hexagon and Territoire intime, the smaller pentagon-shaped piece, are made of polished stainless steel and coloured steel. The choice of colour is deliberate and dictated by the designer: Yellow Sand for the hexagon-shaped piece, Terracotta for the pentagonal version.

According to Alberto Alessi this most experimental of French designers has, since the 1990s, developed a vocabulary of her own, based on the rejection of aesthetic fashions.

The central themes of her continually evolving exploration reflect on new ways of living, on the proper use of available space and its related new typologies, on modularity, appropriation and flexibility and on a very personal use of colour, says Alessi.


Watch the Talk with Matali Crasset