Football fever for the home

Wishing football fever could last forever? Take a piece of it home in the form of Alex Garnett's football-inspired home collection.

The end of the World Cup is mere days away. While we’ll have to wait another four years for it to come around again, a UK-based designer has created interesting souvenirs to remind us of the beautiful game.

Alex Garnett's range of decorative home products all draw inspiration from football. “FootBowl” is a series of ceramic bowls handmade from the enlarged casts of footballs, hence the name. To create the FootBowl Garnett sews a ball, fills it with plaster to make it rigid and then casts this form in urethane and silicon.

“Footballers Knees” is a quirky interpretation of football players’ knees in the form of a vase. Sold as a pair, these ceramic earthenware vases make one do a double take to ascertain what they really are! “The Final Whistle” and “Corner Rug” are two other pieces Garnett created in lieu of football fever. The whistle sculpture is made using stainless steel while the rug, imitating the corner of a football pitch, is made with 100% wool.