The Unfold table features four tables of different sizes, all in one.

Unfold is a clever table with the kind of modularity that makes it very versatile. Designed by Mathilde Witt Mølholm for her graduation project at the Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark, the table employs geometry to easily expand or contract.

Mølholm explains that Unfold introduces a new autonomy to home furniture: “The table’s autonomy means that you should use the table according to its own principles.” People change their homes all the time, so Mølholm argues that we should be able to easily adapt furniture to suit various needs. By simply folding away various parts, Unfold can be turned into a table that seats four, five, eight or more people. A problem arises when a corner of the table is folded as it creates a higher plane than the rest of the table, making it less ideal for dinner parties or as a work surface.

With Unfold, Mølholm wanted to redesign the traditional dining table by making it suitable to the way modern people live, thus suitable for use in smaller living spaces. She also maintains that furniture should not be defined in advance but interpreted and used as needed in a given situation.

Here is a video that shows how Unfold works.

unfold the movie from mathilde mølholm on Vimeo.