FlipFlic controls your blinds for you

An automated blind controller equipped with light sensors and thermometers controls your blinds for you.

Image: FlicFlip.com

FlipFlic is a fully automated, solar powered smart controller that operates your window blinds. The easy to install device is compatible with vertical and Venetian blinds. It automatically opens and closes blinds through the use of light and temperature activated sensors. The onboard default software allows the device to keep the optimum amount of sunlight shinning through your windows. The team behind the FlipFlic have just launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to bring the device to market. 

A small motor inside a neatly designed casing easily attaches to the adjusting mechanism of the blinds and sits unobtrusively on the blinds’ shutter, which operates the blinds

The device also connects to your cellular phone via an app through which the user can set and save preferences.

FlipFlic is powered through a solar cell that sticks to the inside of the window. Users are also able to charge the motor if the solar receives too little light on rainy days.

Image: FlicFlip.com Image: FlicFlip.com