Fired up

Firepetals highlights the delights of handmade jewellery at Design Indaba Expo 2011.

From the Series

Firepetals is a creative collaboration between designers Adi Cloete and Adeline Joubert. Specialising in hand-crafted art jewellery, their own unique ranges and tailor-made pieces, Firepetal’s work has a contemporary South African flair to it.

Firepetals’s work reflects on an array of inspirations and a variety of materials. Their work is also characterised by distinctly individual works, from alternative wedding rings to more personally inspired pieces.

Firepetals exhibits on a regular basis and their work is available at various galleries and shops. With their creative work Firepetals wants to make people aware of the delights of handmade jewellery.

See Firepetals at Design Indaba Expo from 25 to 27 February 2011.