Filling in the blanks

A group exhibition, Whitespace, at Salon 91 explores the possibilities of a blank white space.

A white space is much like a blank canvas: an invitation for a variety of interpretations and meanings. Five locals artists have all added their own experience to a white space in the Whitespace is a group exhibition.

Hosted by Salon91 in Cape Town, the exhibition runs until 2 October 2010. Bianca Alexander, Cara van der Westhuizen, Lee-Ann Bouler, Zelda Weber and Mareliza Nel are the artists presenting their work in mediums ranging from print and ceramic to installation, drawing and mixed media.

Based around a central installation, Whitespace is complemented by two and three dimensional pieces that all explore the abstract notion of “white space”. That which appears to be absent can be simultaneously be loaded with significance and meaning. At times the artists present the viewer with surprisingly intricate and feminine interpretation that are both beautiful and simplistic. The pieces on display are mostly white in colour but select pieces contain elements of intricate black line work.