Eco wash

Eco Automatic is a kitchen sink and dishwasher in one, elminating the need to pack everything neatly into the machine.

If ever you’ve looked at a pile of dishes and experienced that sinking feeling then the Eco Automatic design solution is for you.

German and Korean design studio Ahhaproject has created a sink that morphs into a dishwasher.

The Eco Automatic works around a rotating mechanism that, at the press of a button, pivots 180 degrees. The dirty dishes then disappear under the counter and a second, clean sink appears. Under the fully covered counter the first sink turns into a dishwasher, while the second sink can again be filled with dirty dishes. And so the cycle goes.

A sink and dishwasher in one, the Eco Automatic is a great space saver and eliminates the tedious task of packing the dishwasher.

Eco Automatic is just a concept but it has been patented by Electrolux.

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