Easily portable

Nendo's wireless computer mouse and iPhone stand are must-have accessories for the digitally connected.

Nendo’s Kandechi is a wireless computer mouse in the shape of a battery, “kandechi” being the Japanese term for battery.

Designed for electronics manufacturer Elecom, the Kandechi is easily portable and can be used vertically, which makes the mouse ideal for using on planes and other places for a restricted workspace.

The positive terminal of the “battery” works as the left-click button, while the scrolling wheel and the right-click button is found on the side of the Kandechi.

A detachable USB cable also allows users to plug the mouse into mobile phones or other consumer electronic devices for recharging.

Nendo’s Megane, also for Elecom, looks like a pair of glasses, but functions instead as a stand for iPhone and tablet computers. Megane, which means “glasses” in Japanese, is simply constructed. When they are needed they are unfolded and when they are not needed they are folded up again. The two lenses of the glasses have been replaced with transparent suction cups to secure the device to the stand.