DIY home

Facit Homes' D-Process allows homeowners to use 3D printing to design and build a unique home.

3D printing is all the rage. Now, even homeowners are provided with a unique approach to creating houses through digital fabrication.  

With a sensitive approach to contemporary architecture, Facit Homes has designed a sustainable solution to the housing crisis in the form of the D-Process.

The D-Process simply allows individuals to design a home on a computer deciding on orientation, material qualities and details down to the very last screw holes. The groundbreaking process enables each project to be unique, informed by the needs and ideas of the client. Once the home has been designed it can be 3D-printed by a CNC printer onto plywood and assembled rapidly like big blocks of LEGO.

Avoiding the complex logistics and expense of a large factory, the D-Process is based on site within a compact mobile facility. On site, the D-Process transforms 3D digital components into your home’s exact physical elements, produced on demand, as required, ultimately keeping costs down and eradicating individual component manufacturing time.  

D-Process is a finalist in the Work category of the INDEX: Award 2013