Design vs Anti-Design

What is the opposite of design? Anti-Design. But what is that? The Anti-Design Festival explores some of the possibilities.

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Anti-Design Festival. Image via Creative Review.
Anti-Design Festival. Image via Creative Review.

“I preferred a more mechanical method”, “they were dressed half for battle and half for tennis” and “put away perversity from your mouth” are just some of the rather random creative prompts that the Anti-Design Festival put together as inspiration for designers.

The Anti-Design Festival, which takes place in London from 18 to 26 September 2010, is an alternative to the London Design Week. Initiated by Neville Brody, the Anti-Design Festival (ADF) will be a showcase of creative work that challenges the boundaries of conventional art and design.

Supporting “uncommercial, dangerous and anti-establishment” work ADF called on artists and designers to submit work that didn’t necessarily make it into the mainstream. Artists and designers could also view this as an opportunity to create work free from market restrictions and constraints.

The Festival will be in the form of a group show and include works by Jonathan Barnbrook, Stefan Sagmeister and Stuart Semple.

ADF is a non-profit festival and aims also to encourage visitors to the exhibition to rethink the role of art and design in contemporary culture. For more information visit Anti-Design Festival.

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