Design geometry

Dror Benshetrit unveiled the QuaDror at the Design Indaba Conference recently, an innovation that is set to redefine construction.

Some five years in the making, Dror Benshetrit of Studio Dror unveiled his latest innovation, QuaDror, at the recently past Design Indaba Conference.

QuaDror is a new structural truss system that utilises unparalleled structural efficiency and introduces a manifold design initiatives. Resulting from countless experiments with geometric configurations, rigorous analysis and interdisciplinary research, the QuaDror is made of four very simply but identical L-shaped pieces.

It was initially thought to be of interest because of its flexibility but Studio Dror soon recognised the structural integrity of the assembly. The four interlocking shapes can be used however thin or thick its application requires, and is ideally suited to trestle structures. The QuaDror works equally well as sound-barriers and is further admired for its load-bearing capabilities, collapsibility, ease of manufacturing and energy performance.

The building blocks of the QuaDror also allow for rapid assembly, easy transition from closed to open and can easily be adjusted to site-specific needs in a great variety of configurations and arrangements.

The QuaDror has endless applications in disciplines ranging from architecture to artistic installations. Says Studio Dror: “These enabled designs reflect an ever-changing world where contextual factors and technological resources are shifting definitions of architecture, design and the traditional boundaries between disciplines.”

Watch the Talk with Dror Benshetrit