Cultural pioneering

The Pan-African publication Chimurenga was awarded the Prince Claus Award for cultural pioneering earlier this week.

The Pan-African publication Chimurenga was awarded the principal Prince Claus Award at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam earlier this week.

Chimurenga, which means “struggle for freedom” is a magazine on culture, art and politics that serves as an innovative platform for free ideas and political reflections about Africa by Africans.

The magazine is credited with playing an important role in breaking taboos around various issues on the continent. Founded by writer and DJ Ntone Edjabe, Chimurenga is published online monthly and distributed across Africa and the world two to three times a year. The publication regularly collaborates with other media, such as the Pan-African Space Station.

Upon receiving the prestigious award, Edjabe said: “At Chimurenga we have many plans and ambiitions, but very little means. This award will truly make a difference.”

The Prince Claus Award honours cultural pioneers who work on the frontline of free cultural expression.