Critical mass

What a mass! Ten designers considered the methods, material and manufacturing of mass production.

Methods, material and manufacturing was the focus of the MASS exhibition, which took place in Eindhoven recently.

The exhibition presented the work of 10 young designers who are taking a critical approach to mass production.

Considering production from the side that values mass scale production, as well looking at the materiality of mass production, the exhibition considered how to develop a means of production that takes an active role in the final outcome.

The 10 designers were equipped with individualised tools and established fabrication systems to take on not only form, but also to be critical of the methods and materials used to manufacture work.

MASS encouraged designers to be both naïve and contradictory in their approach to mass production, especially where existing production methods are inaccessible.

The underlying idea is that if designers take an active role in the tools and process of making, rather than just the final outcome, the conventional meaning of the term “mass” can be challenged and improved.

MASS was curated by Earnest Studio and Elise van Mourik. Participating designers included Francois Dumas & Erasmus Scherjon, Julien Carretero, Charlotte Dumoncel D’Argence, Tal Erez & Oded Lahav, Studio Formafantasma, Rachel Griffin, Max Lipsey, Jonas Lutz, Adrien Petrucci and Lex Pott.

Video by Niek Pulles.

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