Cozmo, the unpredictable robotic companion

Tech innovation company Anki have designed a tiny robotic companion like no other.
As you interact with Cozmo, he develops his own personality.

Cozmo fits in the palm of your hand. Despite being man-made, Cozmo is able to display over 100 emotions, adapt, learn, plan and plot and even get to know its owner's personality. According to its creators Anki, the AI-powered robotic companion has a personality that evolves and is completely unpredictable.

In an article published by PSFK, it’s explained that the robot pet's unpredictability and emotional responses are thanks to veteran animator Carlos Baena who was called in to animate the bot’s responses in a way that would feel personalised rather than programmed.

For instance, the bot’s eyes change shape, it is able to laugh, whimper and enact a range of movements inspired by real pets, children and Disney characters.

Cozmo’s AI brain is stored in a smartphone app, meaning the bot can grow and change as its developers see fit.

It is expected to launch in October of this year.