Cover pride

With Kraftisan's new Pegging Board for a bookshop in Cape Town judging a book by its cover is a little easier... and totally acceptable!

From the Series

A bookshelf is a "happy space" for many a bibliophile, but they're not always that great for displaying books in a way that's aesthetically arresting. 

When Lucas Adams of Kraftisan was commissioned by the Bibliophilia Bookstore in Woodstock, Cape Town, to create a low-budget, high-visual, solution for their shop the product designer came up with a pegging board.  

Funky and functional, the Pegging Board offers a different, more visual, way to display books. Kraftisan's creation also adds a playful element to the space. 

The Pegging Board with its unique interchangeable shapes is ideal for displaying a variety of books, whether big or small. The board is easy to assemble, easy to use and easy to alter when necessary.

To adds to the playfulness of the unit Adams used a ice cream colour palette to add strategic spots of colour.