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Karim Rashid's professional and personal life is exposed in the biography "Karim Rashid From the Beginning".
"Karim Rashid From the Beginning" biography.
"Karim Rashid From the Beginning" biography.

From the designer famous for his ethos  “pink is the new black” comes a biography highlighting an extraordinary career.

Presenting objects, installations and testimonials from friends and associates, Karim Rashid From the Beginning captures all the aspects and facets that make Karim Rashid’s career and life so extraordinary, not to mention the invaluable inspiration for aspiring and up-coming designers.

The biography is written by Laura Andreini and Marco Casamonti and published by Forma Edizioni as an extension of the publication’s research on contemporary designers. Hundreds of products are commented on by the authors in order to investigate and expose the evolution of Rashid’s design language.

The figure of Karim Rashid enjoys popularity without boundaries and expresses the personality of a complete artist. A global creative, who started in sensual and minimalist design that has captured the market with over 3000 designs in production, eclectic, eccentric, capable of perceiving more that the standard reactions and sensations generated by the space and what occupies it. Karim Rashid is a dream: to change the world with design, says Casamonti, co-author and curator of the exhibition Karim Rashid: An Edit From the Last 15 Years.

Karim Rashid From the Beginning features contributors including Ross Lovegrove, Mauro Porcini, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and more to reveal Rashid’s professional and personal relationships with leading figures in the world of art, fashion, design and industrial production.