Contained movement

The Bidum container is like a living product, that is defined by how it feels when used.

Bidum, "an object on the move", is a project by ECAL graduate Laetitia Florin that illustrates how dynamic forms are affected by its context and environment.

Florin’s research started with observing lines and grids, and the illusions resulting from their interaction. Looking to the way it moved and interfered with its surroundings, the Bidum is defined by what it contains.

Handcrafted from spring steel wrapped in cotton and held together by hidden rivets, the Bidum can be used in many different ways. Florin explains that the users can “define what it contains, the function depends on your wishes”. It is ideally suited to be filled with clothes, toys and plants, or simply left empty as a decorative item.

The Bidum can be likened to a living product as it moves as it's touched, and vibrates with the slightest breeze, but without tumbling or wrinkling. Spring steel bands inside the plastic sheaths make this dynamic movement possible.

Movement is the key feature of the Bidum, encouraging people to look at it, touch it and feel how it bounces.