Concrete stools

Strong, comfortable and not bad looking, Florian Schmid's Stitching Concrete stools are great for indoor and outdoor use.

German industrial design graduate Florian Schmid used cement layered between fabrics to create the Stitching Concrete collection of stools.

Inspired by the contrast between the concrete and canvas materials, Schmid wanted to explore the “visual delusion that actually cloth cannot give the strength to sit on”.

Stitching Concrete was made possible by folding fabric, which was first infused with cement and then drenched in water. The cement was layered between the fabric and a PVC backing. Once the fabric was soaked it could be manipulated for a few hours before hardening. It was then placed in a wooden mould to support it while drying and taking shape.

Before it dried completely, Schmid stitched the edges together using brightly coloured thread. She explains that “the material combines the warm softness of the cloth and the stability of the cold concrete, but the finished surface keeps the soft appearance”.

So apart from being way more comfortable than their appearance lets on, the Stitching Concrete stools are great for indoor and outdoor use. The material they’re made of means they’re UV durable, water resistant and fire proof.

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