Concrete creative: Entries to South Africa’s biggest art and design prize are still open

PPC Imaginarium Awards are open for entries for their 2016/2017 competitions until the end of September 2016.

The third edition of the PPC Imaginarium Awards is open for South Africa’s most creative concrete entries.

The PPC Imaginarium encourages young artists and designers to express their abilities and creativity using Portland cement-based concrete as a primary base or material. The competition is made up of six disciplines: sculpture, jewellery, film, industrial, fashion design and architecture.

As well as a significant cash prize for each of the category winners, emerging artists and designers who are picked as finalists stand a chance to change their careers through financial support, recognition, mentorship and guidance. The overall winner will also be included in the winners’ exhibition in 2017.

The overall winner for 2015/2016 was chosen from the jewellery category. Designer Mignon Daubermann created a pair of tinted cement rings, shaped like human bones and set with gemstones. The conceptual rings play on the idea of bones (and of concrete) being fundamental to the strength of the entire physical entity - be it the human body or a structure. 

Winners from each of the six categories will be announced in March 2017 and their work will be displayed at the University of Johannesburg. The competition has a core focus on innovation. It looks to the future of cement and seeks to further the role of concrete in society as one of the key components of our current and projected built environments. 

Registrations for entries can be made on the official Imaginarium website. More information on terms and conditions, and a full gallery of last year’s finalists is also on the website.

Featured above is the winner of the film category for 2015/2016. The film, by Kyle Goulden, is called The Catalyst.