Comfy cuppa

The Coffee Chair adds a fantastical and playful element to any tea party or coffee shop.

Seoul-based designer Sunhan Kwon has designed a chair that looks to belong to the world of Alice in Wonderland, or a very pretty tea party. Think beautiful cupcakes, yummy macaroons and frilly party dresses…

The Coffee Chair is reminiscent of fragrant coffee while breaking the conventional symmetrical chair design norms by attaching a handle to the one side of the back of the chair. Viewed in its entirety the chair looks like the silhouette of a coffee mug in a saucer with the saucer being the seat of the chair and the mug as the back. The handle is a also ideal for hanging a handbag or coat.

Sunhan Kwon describes his design as “a storytelling design chair” that is decorative but also highly functional. The chair is made in a European wood veneer with a paint finish and available in black, white or oak.