Circus inspiration

Stephen Burks's new shelving system and lamp for MatterMade is beautifully crafted, playful and highly functional.

“Circus” is Stephen Burks’s new handmade shelving system for American furniture manufacturer, MatterMade.

Inspired by the playfulness of the circus, the units are made from powder coated and plated steel and rift cut white oak. Each shelf comes with eight wire “cages” in a variety of colours, which function as the support for the shelves. These cages can be inserted into the oak surface, tool-free, creating an exterior shelf space as well as a small interior area.

Burks also designed a collection of lamps for MatterMade. “Suspended lantern” process involves blowing hot molten glass into an oversized brass mesh structure. As the glass is pushed and strained against the wirey structure, it becomes more natural in shape.

This series reflects Burks’ love of pure geometrics and architectonic form with the fluidity and volatility of glass.

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