Celebrating silhouettes

Nendo pays homage to one of Kartell's best selling table lamps, the Bourgie.

Nendo adds a twist to the iconic Bourgie table lamp by Ferrruccio Laviani in celebration of its tenth anniversary.

To commemorate the renowned Bourgie lamp, Italian plastic furniture specialist Kartell invited ten designers associated with the company to create a tribute piece for a special exhibition. Nendo, one of the selected design studios, drew on two of the lamp’s most distinctive characteristics to create a new table lamp.

We worked with the lamp’s silhouette and its transparency rather than touching the design itself, says Nendo founder, Oki Sato.

Through inverting and rotating the Bourgie lamp’s silhouette, when two of the new lamps are lined up together, the negative space between them forms the upside down silhouette of the original Bourgie lamp.

“Because our homage inverts both the lamp’s figure-ground relationship and our regular sense of up and down, we named the lamp Eigroub,” concludes Sato. 

The Eigroub table lamp was unveiled at Kartell's flagship store in Paris earlier this week, along with 13 other one-off designs by the likes of Patricia Urquiola, Mario Bellini and Phillippe Starck.