A bug's life

Insects are an important part of our biodiversity. Arup provides them five-star treatment with the Insect Hotel.

The “Insect Hotel” is the top golden beetle prize winner in an architectural competition, Beyond the Hive, to design five star hotels for insects.

The Insect Hotel was Arap Associates's response to the brief to design a sustainable and creative insect habitat for the parks of London.

Arap Associates's bio-mimetic design was constructed using 25 layers of 20mm-thick birch plywood. The hotel’s façade forms a "voronoi" pattern, similar to those seen in nature, and consists of voids cut out with a CNC machine and loosely bonded together.

The various compartments in the façade are 500mm-deep and provide the space for the recycled waste materials to be used. Each compartments houses different types of waste materials to accommodate different types of insects.