Bright idea

Edward Chew’s gorgeous lighting designs use recycled Tetra Pak cartons.

From the Series

The gorgeous lighting creation above is made entirely from recycled Tetra Pak cartons.

In a beautiful example of waste not, want not, designer Edward Chew has created a whole series of Tetra Pak light fixtures. His process involves carefully cutting and folding strips of Tetra Pak material into triangular shapes. These shapes are then assembled to form a beautiful light. What makes the design even more unique is that the assemblage doesn’t require screws or glue.

The Tetra Pak lights are available in floor-based cylindrical pillars or an suspended spheres of light, each casting an interesting net of shadows on its surrounding surfaces. The spherical lamp uses about 450 empty soft drink packets, which is 450 packets being saved from a landfill site.

Chew design was also the grand prize winner in Inhabitat’s Bright Ideas Competition.