Bright and red

Studio Formafantasma designed an exhibition space showcasing the history of Turkish red from the Roman Empire to the French Revolution.

With all things bright and red Studio Formafantasma have designed an exhibition space showcasing material samples of one of the most researched colours in the history of textile design.

The Italian designers based in the Netherlands have developed a concept and exhibition space to highlight the significance that Madder red, also known as Turkish red, has played in the history of textile design. The vibrant tone of red is one of the earliest developments of colour and takes its shade from madder roots.

The design duo dug into the historical archive collection of the Textile Museum where they found many materials and notebooks donated to the museum by the Driessen family when their cotton printing company, LKM, closed.

The exhibition showcases 17 silk textiles, which are dyed red with madder roots and feature patterns taken from Driessen family textile-related books, notebooks, material and printing samples, as well as early and late experiments done by LKM.

Traditional design elements such as colour and texture are used as tools by Studio Formafantasma to testify to the work of the Driessen family and evoke a symbolic representation of the social, cultural and economic impact of Turkish red on the history of textile design.

Turkish Red will be on display at the Textile Museum in the Netherlands until 26 May 2013.